FB_IMG_1458179054007The start of the Indycar season starts in the streets of St.Petersburg, Florida.

FB_IMG_1458991157621We are privileged to be able to be part of this event for the past 5 years. This year the event was moved earlier two weeks in the calendar to make room for more races in the Indycar season  meanwhile still starting the year off in our hometown. FB_IMG_1458991267357

The Firestone Grandprix is always a fun and exciting  weekend with everything from cool events going on downtown and all the racing going on all around the track.FB_IMG_1458991185580

The Grandprix consist of Indycar , as well as their support series Indylights,USF2000,& Pro Mazda which gives the up and coming drivers a platform to compete and make it to the ranks of Indycar one day.

FB_IMG_1458991202052Another series the tears up the roadcoarse is the Pirelli World Challenge with such cars as Cadillac Ats-v , McLaren 650lt , and Porsche 911. Also the high flying Stadium Super Trucks.FB_IMG_1458991249764



  1. Hey Chad it’s Jorge with the 64 Malibu. I saw that pic that The Mayor posted of my car. It came out kick ass. Is there any way I can pay you for the rest of the pics you took of my car? Let me know bro. Thanks

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