24-1As the calendar turns Daytona comes alive with the sounds of racecars and smell of racefuel in the air. The Day begins as you enter through the  echoing tunnels as cars are running pace laps.24-31heritage-3 As you make it inside the infield you see countless RV’s and tents of people set to enjoy the full race around the clock. Once inside you feel a certain energy  in the air as the start to the IMSA racing season. As you make your way over to the fanzone  the smell of the hotdogs and burgers you  get to see the Heritage Experience with car’s that have captured the checker flag throughout the years and have been a big part of the Rolex24 hours vast history.heritage-23heritage-41

after a few laps of heritage cars taking the turns and banks of Daytona International Speedway. The garage area comes alive with all the teams doing their final preparations turning wrenches and doing there final checks while the drivers were interacting with the fans during the autograph sessions.rolex-27untitled-10untitled-22rolex-15

Then one of the great moments is Driver Introductions where Driver  are announce with the teams that they will go into battle with our the following day. The call is for the Grid to Clear. Then the engines fire up and begin there way around the banks of Daytona International Speedway and just as they come of turn 4 side by side more the four deep fifty-five cars in total take the green flag and the roar of all the the engine’s take over.rolex-20b-8b-4rolex-23

a few hours in of intense action between the various cars and classes  the cars start to show some battlescars.c-31c-13rolex-3624-2img_6866b-11amgc7r488nsx

then one of my favorite parts during the race is when we go into the night when day turns the night and the leaders know they will have to  survive through the night to have  a chance at the convetted timepiece given to those that cross the line first after a  full twenty four hours of battle.24-1024-924-7img_712724-6

Right After dark everyone started to watch the radar as in the forecast the weather changed and the rains started and once thought it would just blow through but unfortunately was in for most of the night  which made for some trying moments in which a few cars had some off moments in certain areas.rolex-324-1224-1124-1624-1924-18rolex-8rolex-11rolex-124-1524-14

As the sun started to rise the rain started to let up and the race started to shape up with a battle between Wayne Taylor Racing and the Two Action Express Cadillacs trading the lead back and forth throughout  the night and even into the final hours where the final battle would come down to the final laps.24-2024-2124-2224-2624-2524-2824-2324-34

Meanwhile in GTLM class Ford took the lead and was determined with four cars in the field to bring home the win.b-1

GTD class was all for the underdog where Allegra Motorsports pulled it out in the final laps 24-16

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