IMG_6118.JPGAfter a fun weekend shooting the St. Petersburg Grand Prix we switch gears after  a few days working at the day job(Got to do what you got to do) we packed our bags Wednesday night. Early Thursday we headed from Florida’s west coast to one of the most historical tracks in sports car racing. After a driving  over the  Sunshine Skyway bridge and  couple hours driving on some nice two lane highway(windows down and radio up)



We made it to one of favorite spots we get to go and enjoy track weekends whether it  may be a chin motorsports event or various events we get to make it  out  there for. After arriving a little after noon the  track was hot  and  live  with action.



After  all the excitement from  the  great racing  at the  opener in Daytona I was couldn’t  wait  to see more  exciting cars on track from  the  IMSA racing  series as well  as the  Continental Gt series , Porsche GT, and Prototype  classes. After a  few hours  of  nonstop action in the  paddocks and on track the  time  came  to  witness one  of  Sebring  Florida’s hidden secrets  the amazing  sunsets. Truly  Breathtaking and even  better  when  you have the  level of  cars on the  track as the  engines buzz past you.


Friday morning  woke  up  to action in the  Continental paddock  area  as  the  competitors finished up  the  last  few preparations  before  there  big  race later  in the  day . We made  our  way over to the  fan zone area and  ran  into  some of  our  friends  that frequent the track  with us. the  atmosphere at the  track  is a different  experience where  new friends  and  old can  just hang  out  enjoy  the  track from  all different corners.



The  competition throughout the  day  was  fierce which could  only  mean Saturday’s 12 hour race would be  one  for  the  ages if the  weather  cooperated(Florida’s weather can  change  in a heartbeat especially out at sebring) Last year we  had a  downpour and  year before  it  felt  like 120 degrees, this  year was  just right nice  and  sunny with a  slight  breeze.



Night  practice was  pretty cool I heard  multiple drivers  excited since  one  of the  few  times  they get  to  drive  in the  day and  night. one  of  my  first times  getting  to experience it  myself  since I  was  younger and  father  was a  crew  member for big team based  out  of Tampa. Good  to  run into a few  of the  guys  I grew  up idolizing as a  kid and  seeing  the  youth movement  in the  sport. There is  some  special drivers  throughout  the  paddock which  after  this  weekend  I truly  appreciate each and  every  time  I am out  at the  track.


Then came the big day the 12 hours that would truly test the crews and cars. With Sebring Raceway the hollow grounds are a proving ground for some of the young talented drivers to even the most experienced veterans one wrong move and the race can be over before  it  even started.






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