What do you get when you take high horsepower cars , skilled drivers , and a circle track with banking?

An Awesome exhibition of car control where the drivers throw there automotive machines into a controlled slide shredding tires in the process.

Judging consist of how close in proximity the trailing car is to the lead car each car has a run in each instance.

Also angle of the drift is taken into consideration, with the driver with overall performance advancing to the next round.

Sometimes the judges can not decide who won the match between the two drivers and a one more time is called.

So out of thirty-two drivers a champion is crowned.

This year’s event was interesting with it being the second in the schedule. After the inaugural event at Long Beach some favorites stood out the Worthousedrift Team 2017 FormulaD Champion James Deane , last year’s FormulaD champion and teammate Piotr Więcek(who captured the win at Long Beach).

Also a strong contender Fan Favorite Forrest Wang piloting his Nissan S15 Silvia was poised to show that his second place at Long Beach was not just a one time deal.

Also competing was the Veterans that all continued to push the sport to new heights. Ford Performance’s Vaughn Gittin Jr. & Chelsea Denofa put on a show with there Ford mustang’s

Unfortunately Denofa did not make the round of 32 after a crash in practice on Friday. The team tried everything they could but car was unable to compete.

Gittin Jr. In his Monster Energy Ford Mustang looked prime to be a favorite was always at Orlando Speedworld but was knocked out by Chris Forsberg in his NOS Energy Nissan 370z.

Also a front runner was Fredric Aasbo in his Rockstar Energy Toyota Corolla. Powered by a big turbo and skill he made it one the podium.

Chris Forsberg went head to head with James Deane and in the second run with Forsberg in the lead Deane tapped the wall and gave the NOS Energy nissan the victory.

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