As hurricane season comes to an end , another fall classic spools up. Some of the fastest streetcars in the southeast do battle on the blacktop at Bradenton Motorsports Park. A sanctioned 1/4 mile track.

Everything from full blown dragcars to you daily driver took down the strip.

Fl2k had everything from Nissan R35 Skylines and Toyota Supras.

Two major players in the import scene nowadays and a handful of 8 second Ford Mustangs.

One of our favorites was Jonathan Whitehead’s Subaru Hawkeye wrx going from a full daily driven showcar in past years to a 9second monster right off the trailer. More on the build later….

One of the ever growing shows of the fall Fl2k it is good to see it holding it down in the Florida racing/show scene.

A three day event it had a little bit of everything from roll racing on Friday , bikini contest.

Saturday was a full day of drag racing along with the burnout contest and finals on Sunday.

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