Back in Tampa, Slamfest custom car and truck show brought everything from bagged minitrucks to big blower hotrods and lifted trucks.

This the second year back in tampa, this year was nothing but sunshine and cool builds from all over the US.

We enjoy Slamfest and many other minitrucks shows because it’s not just about what you brought or what club your rocking on the rear glass. Sometimes even if just once a year everyone comes together and makes for a great weekend.

This year they brought back the burnout contest ,thanks to Detroit Muscle Speedshop.

With eventual winner the Chevrolet C10 pickup(pictured above) was the overall winner after multiple rounds of competition.

The second day of Slamfest didn’t just bring the burnouts.

Clubs games was back and so was the annual bikini contest to see who would be Ms. SLAMFEST27.

With SLAMFEST 27 being one of the biggest we seen in past years the future can only get bigger. We look forward to the next show. Special thanks to the whole Mini Madness crew that put on a awesome weekend.

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