Ilds Presents Cars and Beaches.

In this day and age in the car scene for a show to come back year after year is a big deal. Well for the group of Ilovedrivingslow crew this marked there 10 anniversary of the first Cars and Beaches. The ilds crew have some of the most chill dudes and some of the cleanest cars in the east coast.Never know what might show up, just your occasional Lamborghini Aventador.MHT wheels on hand showing off the latest from Niche wheels and Rotiform.S1built crew brought out this sweet Z32 ,as a former z32 owner so hope these cars are making a comeback.even had a few lowriders on hand.with tons of cars the staff had everything moving smoothly. Nice mix of rides throughout E.G. Simmons Park.Faction brought out some serious cars. Richard G. And his Acura Integra was definitely turning some heads.Erik showing off his VIP Lexus.David “SLIM”Whitehead practicing his modeling poses.Well for Roscoe and crew this is the event that started it all. Proud to call these guys family. On this tenth anniversary it only seems to be getting bigger each year hosting three events throughout the year(Winter fest,Cars and Beaches, and Summer Vibes) .

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