Ilds Summervibes

As many are off for summer break, the ilovedrivingslow crew are always on top of their game coming up with fresh ideas and events. SummerVibes is one of new ideas mixing the old time ybor city feels with the tuner car culture and scene.

Jonathan Whitehead and his one off Hawkeye widebody Subaru was a big attention magnet. Blame the big cutout and parachute hanging off the back, this former streetcar/ show vehicle has become a serious racecar in just a short timein it’s quest for the 8s. (See below)

Anthony Yawn and his built,bagged,& boosted Dodge Challenger was looking killer on the streets in front of the historic Carmine’s in downtown ybor city.(See below)

Eric Parks and the Courtesyflush crew were on hand supporting the friends at ILDS.

S1 Built showed up with some very clean jdm goodness including this Nissan Z32.

Rwb Clearwater came out and shutdown the streets , definitely a color to catch your eye.

Ilovedrivingslow put on another great event and can’t wait for the next event in December (Winterfest) .

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