Monster Jam

Every Late  January , Early February the world  of  Monster Jam comes to  Raymond James Stadium for an action  packed show. The trucks with there  oversized  tires and tube  chassis compete in multiple events  in  each  venue  as  they tour the  world.  These trucks  have  high horsepowered  engines  that  enable  them  to  not  only  crush  cars  but also  fly across arenas  and  your favorite stadiums. One of the fan favorite events  of  every event  is free where the athletes inside  the  trucks pull  off extreme jumps and even  flips in there  mega machines meanwhile  trying  to keep the  roof  up  and  wheels  down  well  maybe  at  least  a  couple wheels  down. Hands down a fun  event  for the  whole  family  that  we  look forward to every  year  and  to  many  more  years to come.



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