Klutchkickers Round 3

Round three of season 3 of klutchkickers kicked off this past weekend and the action was hotter than the Florida heat in the middle of August.

With teams and drivers such as FD regulars Taylor Hull, Kelsey Rowlings, Ben Hobson, Nate Hamilton and Adam Lz the competition was top notch between the field of the top 32.

Enjuku racing and their crew came out and put on a killer showing .

Local hero and the talented wheel man known as Cleedus McFarland was on hand to try his hand in his Fun Haver Mustang .

Also out fun some of the summer fun was the Drift HQ crew with You tuber Adam LZ piloting his Toyota powered BMW and Sean Booth driving his Nissan S15.

Special shout-out to the whole klutchkickers staff and crew from the Freedom Factory for putting on such a cool fan friendly event .

Where fans and other drivers can interact in a nice chill atmosphere , meanwhile delivering a entertaining race weekend . See you at the next round and enjoy the coverage


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