The world lost a legend in the Motorsports Community . To many Ken Block was a larger than life individual. The Head Hoonigan in charge was a needle mover and took on the world full throttle. After building the brand such as DC shoes, Ken only just was getting started .

After that Ken started getting into Rally cars and competing among some of the top legends in the sport. Him and Motorcross rider Travis Pastrana hopped in a Subaru and then the both have pushed the sport to the highest of levels ,while bringing us along for the ride as the two would separate and compete in various rallycross events throughout the world .

Ken Block was always playing chess when we all were just playing checkers he always was 3-4 steps ahead . In so he started a YouTube series known as Gymkhana and would showcase his driving expertise and car control is amazing locations around the world. Meanwhile the marketing genius would launch a full clothing brand , Hoonigan to go with the videos throughout the series each one pushing the envelope each and every time. It was almost like Christmas to us such Motorheads whenever a teaser would drop for his next upcoming video.

For everything that Ken has done he would do anything for everyone. While working a Redbull Global Rallycross event we saw Ken sign autographs for over a hour , understanding that his fans could be the next guy or girl could be the next one to push the sport toward. Another fun story was just being in the middle of a heat race in Ftlauderdale GRC race him and fellow action Sports legends Tanner Foust and Bucky Lasek was just them talking about how the families were and what was new in their lives .

Prayers go out to Ken’s Wife and Family , the whole Hoonigan squad . #KB43VER THANKYOU for being a rad dude that this motorhead was lucky to meet a handful of times and know the dude behind the shades 😎🤘


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