Around the Clock: the race around the Rolex24

The new era of sportscar racing has began , with new hybrid power prototypes coming on board and showing what the future of racing could be.

The week of events between the roar and the Rolex24 keep the fans entertained and then comes race day with the crescendo coming to full force as a stacked field of pro and amateur drivers strap in and take on one of the greatest feats in North American racing . The 24 hour endurance race is a true test of will and luck.

The most famous words were spoke “GENTLEMAN START YOUR ENGINES” the 24hr clock starts and the 61 teams and drivers began battle.

The pace was high as the field was pushing as we got into the dark. With lead changes occurring frequently between all the multiple classes .

As the headlights turned on and the track temps drop some cars fell early to the grind of the already 6 hrs of the 24 already in the books. But never say never the teams in the garage area tiredlessly do whatever they can to get their car back on track. You never know what will happen over the coarse of a 24 race.

As the daylight broke the overall battle came down to the returning champs from Meyer – Shank Racing / Wayne Taylor Acura’s and the Cadillac Racing Cadillac prototypes.

With the last hr remaining all four categories had multiple cars on the lead lap and in contention for the prized “Rolex” watch given out at the conclusion of the 24Hours race to the winner. Team Acura used a late pit shop to get themselves back in the lead and held off fellow Acura Motorsports counterpart Wayne Taylor Racing and the hard charging Cadillac’s to go back to back as the Rolex 24 champs.

Meyer Shank Racing Back to Back Rolex24 overall winners

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